Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Tooth Epidemic

Get your drink refreshed and settle in... this one is a little long, but worth it.

Okay, for all of those that have kids in the loose tooth age, or remember the days, this post is for you!
Paige Alise has lost 6 teeth to date.  The first one she was in 1st grade and it took me 45 minutes of tears to get her to let me put on and touch the dental floss on her tooth, when I finally did, it FELL out.  She was like "that didn't hurt at all"... so we talked about how silly she was being, but fear is understandable when it is the unknown.. That next day she was with Nana and was biting on a blanket while walking, stepped on it and it pulled the next bottom tooth that did not have it's friend to give it support... So that night after another 45 minutes we got out the other tooth, that had started to turn black/gray.  So now I am thinking she has to see this is NO BIG DEAL... right.. If you have met Paige Alise you know that is not the way things roll.  So the next tooth (bottom right next to center) followed about the same path but this time Daddy was there to experience it.  We were at Nana's and she insisted on eating corn to loosen it up.  Didn't work, so I got the floss on, but she freaked out again.. Daddy tried to comfort her, but she wanted to be on Nana's lap and me to touch the floss... right out AFTER 45 minutes and tears...  Now for the 4th tooth.  We were living in Kansas as the Apartment, it was the 1st part of November and they had the 2nd graders at her school in swim lessons for 2 weeks the second half of the day.  I knew her tooth was ready, but I was not ready for the 45 minute battle, so I thought it can wait a little while longer... On her 3rd day of swim lessons, the pressure for the water as she swam forward, knocked the tooth back in her mouth though it was still connected.  She freaked out... when home...45 minutes later she finally let me pull the floss. This one came out and she didn't even know it. Anyone seeing a theme here... 45 minutes... I think I've got this... right... NO
The next two teeth are her 1st set of bottom molars.. They have had an infection for months and we cannot get it taken care of.  On Jan 20th we had a consultation with a Ped dentist because her reg dentist felt that it would be too difficult to extract the teeth, they may crack or break and he was not prepared for the little roots.  We thought it was just a consultation.  NOPE, within 10 minutes she had the gas on her nose, a shot to numb and NONE  of us noticed that he had pulled both of her bottom molars... NOT even her!  They fit her with spacer, because they don't expect those teeth to come in for another2-3 years.  So now ALL 4 of her Top Teeth are Loose... The base dentist told her to push on them for 10 minutes from the front, 10 mins from the back then turn them like a light bulb for 10 mins.  They should be out in a month... That was last week.  This Wed I got back from a meeting and I learned from my neighbor that Paige Alise had dropped her IPod on her face and her tooth had bleed A LOT!  I looked at it and you could see when she pushed back her top left tooth that the root was gone and their was an empty spot... The time is now, we are pulling the tooth.

I told her I would put on the floss but because it was the top teeth I need gravity to work with me.  It took about 15 minutes or more to get her to lay down in my lap for the floss. 

As you can see from her forehead, she was not happy about this... SCARED OUT OF HER MIND is more like it.  So I told her that she could do it.  She needed to tighten the floss around her tooth and keep pushing up until it was over the top and in the "empty" space... So off to the bathroom she went.

(the mirror is dirty because she likes to spray the smell good right on it??? ) Anyway, she tried, but realized, she can't see very well without her glasses..

Now she has the floss on, can see it and refuses to let anyone touch it.  Brother tries, I try, Even our neighbor tried...

What you are seeing in the picture above is Paige Alise with floss hanging from her mouth and Sara trying to bribe/convince her to just pull it... By the way about an hours has passed by this time.
So Sara and Brax head up stairs to play and the floss falls off, but I am in this to the end... I can't believe my 45 mins has passed... but there has been a lot of tears and "I'm not ready, it's not ready" statements...
She wants to know what they are doing up stairs and I told her we would go check if she let me put the floss back on, then we would work at her speed...

so the floss is on, we are upstairs watching Brother and Sara play and she is as far away from ME as possible.  I tried I will buy you a La La Loopsy doll. (because she wanted the boy one to give to brother so they could play together and he would stop taking hers) or we will stay up all night to finish your doll closet, or where do you want to go to eat, then down to a milk shake from QT.. (we are over 2 hours now)... Then the long annoying stair down and a irritating tapping that was driving her crazy.  Then I said, "Hey Granma told me a secret today and if you let me touch and hold the floss, I will tell you the secret"  I knew she would freak out and pull away, so that was my goal... If I could just get her to trust me enough to touch the floss we would have this thing DONE.  And she wanted to know that secret.  So I slowly got a hold and tightened... She freaked out, jumped back and the tooth fell on my feet.  "She said, that hurt a little" but then it started bleeding and that was totally cool....

 (might want to breeze past the next picture if you have a weak stomach for blood!)

I got her to clean up her mouth...

and now we have another very Loose Tooth ready to work on, but she is pulling forward 10 mins, pushing back 10 mins and twisting... I expect we will loose that guy by Sunday... Because I can't help but giggle every time I look at her with her Billy Bob smile... that one tooth jutting out the front... She loves talking with the list and is so cute with missing teeth... When she looses both I will post a picture of me at her age with missing both tops... How fun to start school with two missing front teeth.
So her is me and my girl... 1 tooth, 2 1/2 hours and 1 secret later...

Love her, even after that long, long, long EPIC story of The Loose Tooth!!

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