Saturday, August 27, 2011

Braxton's turn

I began to realize most of my posts revolve around Paige Alise but now I have a great introduction for Braxton!!  He lost his first tooth!  He was so brave when Paige Alise was getting her teeth pulled.  He would shower her how easy it was to put the floss on this tooth!! 
So I noticed he had one that was super ready.  I asked him if he wanted to do this, Sure!!
So we put on the floss!

Did I mention he really slobbers a lot.

So that first pull was..... not as successful as one would hope, it came right off the VERY, VERY loose tooth, but did not get the tooth out!

that made him change his mind!!!  A LOT I put on some Orjel and and was blowing on his face to calm him down.

What a sweet boy.

But now he was AFRAID!!!  poor thing.

He would not move his hands so I could get in there.
First Sister tried to calm him with a great sign.

Paige Alise was videoing to show him later!!  It was priceless!

I was trying to calm him down enough to reason/bribe him

I don't know how well it was working?

Then he let daddy hold him and his hands.... If I could just get past the slobber...On goes the floss again and off again....So I just put the paper towel in his mouth to dry it off...When I take out the paper towel.

NO MORE TOOTH, he didn't even know I had it in the paper towel.

Paige Alise was ready for him with Optimus Prime and a glass of water.

Now they were excited because they are both toothless (not a dragon)

He could not wait to tell his "classmates" I hope I will be able to hear the excitement in his voice as I can see it in this picture.

What a great kid.  He kept crying a little because he was still excited and scared....
However I am proud of him and excited for his First Tooth!!!

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