Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st Day Hooray!!!

The days have been ticking away and so have my nerves!!  Let me just say as a early retired teacher, EX camp counselor & director as well as a kid at heart! 
I vote YES for year round school!  I feel that 10 weeks is just too long for kids to be out! 
  • As a teacher, truly is it about the retention level.  If we give more smaller breaks and keep them in the routine I feel they will go farther each year instead of playing catch up at the beginning. 
  • As a camp person, I know that schools rotate when they would be out and camps could work with those schedules as well as incorporate field trips and other experiences! 
  • And as a kid at heart, well I saw how much my kids missed being around other kids, and I enjoyed getting to be a kid and not the "mean mom" saying NO, STOP THAT, QUIT KISSING YOUR BROTHER, all day long!!
That being said we started our 1st day of school TODAY!!  Listen to that.......
SILENCE and the tapping of a key board as I get things done I have been putting off or too frustrated to do!!

Also the kids were so excited to get to school, they ran off before I could get them both in a picture.  But I did get a couple shots!! Can't wait to scrapbook the pink and black houndstooth!!



Even Kit was dressed for the 1st day!!

Now I relax, look at my mile long To Do list... Ignore it for today, turn on Hulu and see what TV shows I have missed!!  Lunch with an ADULT girlfriend and I will turn back on my "mom" world at 3:10 when I head to the school to pick them up!  One day of Vacation is better than NONE!

I hope everyone has a blessed 2011-2012 school year!! 
Here's to handwriting, times tables and science projects!

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