Monday, December 5, 2011

Gone for Soooooo Long

I am blown away at how crazy and fast paced life can get.  I see that my last update was August 27th.  Over 3 months of going 90 to nothin.!!  So glad that things are slowing down some.

Currently I am working on some swags, AF ornaments and memorabilia and thought I would share! 

I decided to try my hand at the Cookie Sheet Magnet board
On this one. I used travel paper and bright colors.

The Magnets are the Days of the week and I used jumbo stones
that I got from Michaels with a 3/4"magnet on back.

Aleens tack glue on the magnet and clear glue on stone..

Our McConnells Officers Spouses Club is doing a fundraiser and we wanted ornaments that were specific to our base!  Here is the final product. 

 This one has the front of the McConnell Coin. Because it already said Kansas, I decided to add Team McConnell.  Wichita and a stamp that says Inspired by life is on the back... I thought "how fitting... this is inspired by life!"   The one to the right is my favorite and is the back of the coin.  I added the AF colors with ribbon and the sunflower for Kansas! 

 However this one is my favorite!!  I like the simplicity in it.  The AF Wings and 2011 is done with Shrinky Dinks.... Yes, my friends from the 80's they still make them and they are super versatile....  For instance... to your right are Air plane (or for the sake of McConnell KC 135's) blue and silver beads for AF and made from Shrinky Dinks... Love it.

The last ones I realized that not everyone put up a tree or wanted an "ornament" but these sunflower tins will work as a ornament, say Team McConnell have the plane and AF wings... but also have  3/4" magnets on back... It can be year round!!  The back is also stamped and it says Wichita KS.  I customize with their group or squadron, the year, a special something to remember their time here!!  (even thought there is plenty... like 27 degrees in Dec... yuck! just glad we got through late tornado season!)

My last little project is with the magnets and marbles!!! 

These are 1/2" magnets with the standard "non luster" clear glass marbles.   I used the EK Success border punch to punch the pictures that fit on the 1/2" magnet... (make sure to get the heavier magnet to support the weight of the marble)  and again to make the card to hold them.  I used clear duct tape on the back to keep them in place... I love this project.

Because I don't have marbles the right size for the 3/4" magnet and I didn't like the way it looked with the paper hanging over the stone... I just used my Modge Podge to put a coat on this.  I took my 3/4" single punch to make the card and Creative memories corner rounder to make it smooth. 

Well that is all I have for now!!!  See that is just one of the things that has kept me away from my blog!! 

If I get time I will do more Show and Tell tomorrow!

Until then... safe days, sleepy nights... sweet dreams.
Heather Mae

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Braxton's turn

I began to realize most of my posts revolve around Paige Alise but now I have a great introduction for Braxton!!  He lost his first tooth!  He was so brave when Paige Alise was getting her teeth pulled.  He would shower her how easy it was to put the floss on this tooth!! 
So I noticed he had one that was super ready.  I asked him if he wanted to do this, Sure!!
So we put on the floss!

Did I mention he really slobbers a lot.

So that first pull was..... not as successful as one would hope, it came right off the VERY, VERY loose tooth, but did not get the tooth out!

that made him change his mind!!!  A LOT I put on some Orjel and and was blowing on his face to calm him down.

What a sweet boy.

But now he was AFRAID!!!  poor thing.

He would not move his hands so I could get in there.
First Sister tried to calm him with a great sign.

Paige Alise was videoing to show him later!!  It was priceless!

I was trying to calm him down enough to reason/bribe him

I don't know how well it was working?

Then he let daddy hold him and his hands.... If I could just get past the slobber...On goes the floss again and off again....So I just put the paper towel in his mouth to dry it off...When I take out the paper towel.

NO MORE TOOTH, he didn't even know I had it in the paper towel.

Paige Alise was ready for him with Optimus Prime and a glass of water.

Now they were excited because they are both toothless (not a dragon)

He could not wait to tell his "classmates" I hope I will be able to hear the excitement in his voice as I can see it in this picture.

What a great kid.  He kept crying a little because he was still excited and scared....
However I am proud of him and excited for his First Tooth!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

When Past meets Present

Many years ago, when my skin was tighter, my waist was smaller and I didn't have anyone else to worry about by myself... I knew a couple of brothers... from back in the "hood".  As I was living my dream of teaching and buying my first home and being the director of the camp that I grew up at, they were starting to realize their dream.  Those bright lights of Nashville started to get brighter and brighter, and as I heard them pickin their guitars, I knew that I was in the presence of something.  So their dad, who was with his brothers back in the day pickin at their guitars, and made a little name for themselves made some calls... Then one night in early 2001 they took the stage at the Oklahoma Opry.  It was very clear to anyone with ears... Oklahoma was not where they needed to be.  And to me, that this time was coming to an end.  God was going to open the next chapter in my life, so this one had to close.

Here we are 10 years later, I am no longer in OKLAHOMA... where I never thought I would leave. And neither are they.  They left in August of 2001 and started their journey.  I met my husband in 2002 and started my family and gave up my career in 2010 to allow him to pursue his in the US Air Force.  And who shall come through the town of Wichita Kansas... The Dirt Drifters.... Yes, they made it. It isn't just the brothers though.  About 4 or more years ago they met up with a very eclectic group of men and a special sound was born.  Deeper than Red Dirt Country... something all it's own.  And they are are on the radio with the single Something Better.  There is a video out as well.  In a world were money and sparkle are what catch peoples eyes, these guys are doing it with talent, passion and being real.  I hope anyone reading this blog goes to The Dirt Drifters and checks them out for yourself.... Then on to Itunes to download their latest album This Is My Blood with 10 original songs including their single Something Better and a guest appearance in I'll Shut Up Now with Willie Nelson. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and let keep getting the word out about them!!  Look for them to come to a city near you  and GO!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st Day Hooray!!!

The days have been ticking away and so have my nerves!!  Let me just say as a early retired teacher, EX camp counselor & director as well as a kid at heart! 
I vote YES for year round school!  I feel that 10 weeks is just too long for kids to be out! 
  • As a teacher, truly is it about the retention level.  If we give more smaller breaks and keep them in the routine I feel they will go farther each year instead of playing catch up at the beginning. 
  • As a camp person, I know that schools rotate when they would be out and camps could work with those schedules as well as incorporate field trips and other experiences! 
  • And as a kid at heart, well I saw how much my kids missed being around other kids, and I enjoyed getting to be a kid and not the "mean mom" saying NO, STOP THAT, QUIT KISSING YOUR BROTHER, all day long!!
That being said we started our 1st day of school TODAY!!  Listen to that.......
SILENCE and the tapping of a key board as I get things done I have been putting off or too frustrated to do!!

Also the kids were so excited to get to school, they ran off before I could get them both in a picture.  But I did get a couple shots!! Can't wait to scrapbook the pink and black houndstooth!!



Even Kit was dressed for the 1st day!!

Now I relax, look at my mile long To Do list... Ignore it for today, turn on Hulu and see what TV shows I have missed!!  Lunch with an ADULT girlfriend and I will turn back on my "mom" world at 3:10 when I head to the school to pick them up!  One day of Vacation is better than NONE!

I hope everyone has a blessed 2011-2012 school year!! 
Here's to handwriting, times tables and science projects!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3 teeth and 14 days

What an interesting month August has turned into.  We have been working on the loose teeth most of the summer. And if you have read below you will see that we had a 2 1/2 gig on the 3rd.  Well this is a over view of my last 14 days!!

August 3rd (day 1).  This is the post from earlier!
I can't believe it took 2 1/2 hours and then the tooth just fell out on my foot.  She felt so silly and promised that it would never be that bad again.     Promises, Promises!!

  August 7th (day 5)
Here we decided to try corn and see if it will loosen up the remaining 3, yes I said 3 teeth!!

August 8th, (day 6)
I decided to try and get her to let me try and pull the other big tooth in the front! 
It took me 30 minutes to get the floss on the tooth, but then she just let me pull... Let's say it was not quite ready and it then took her 3 hours to forgive me for hurting her and the tooth stayed in place!!

However I noticed that the tooth beside it was SUPER Loose!!! 

August 9th (day 7)
She decided to let me put floss on the little tooth, but that was all she was going to do.
The sad thing is, if I didn't see the dates on the digital pictures, these days would just be a blur to me.

WE did NOT pull this day!  I worked on earning some trust!  And I was just not up for the fight!

August 12th (day 10)
It was time for the little tooth to the right of the stubborn big tooth to come out!

As you can see she is Billy Bobbing it really bad! 

So I told her it would be out in a snap!  I told her I called the dentist and to pull a tooth that was totally ready, without numbing it or gas or anything was $150.00.  And it is... But the nice lady at the dentist told me that she had her kids put on a little Orajell and wiggle during every commercial.  Great idea... need Orajell.  My wonderful neighbor with little ones saved the day20 minutes later!!!
That was so easy!  I was just sure we would not have a problem again!! 

August 14th (day 12)
I started warning her that we were going to pull that big Jack-o-lantern tooth before she entered 3rd grade!  She needed to start wiggling it.

August 15th (day 13)
Me and her dad sat her down and she started to freak out, crying, gagging from the Orajell, got a head ache and stomach ache, face all red.  Did NOT want to do this.... I knew I had one more night left, so after 1 hour of fuss, I made a pinkie promise that it would be done tomorrow, NO BACKING OUT!!!

AUGUST 16th (day 14)  D day!!!
I stared with her at 6:00 PM because I wanted to get it over with so they could have their baths, settle in and get ready for the 1st day of school tomorrow!!  Should have stared at 6:00AM if I had known what the night would bring!!!  We started out inside, after an hour we moved outside to make her feel more comfortable.

After another hour and 1/2 when her dad got home from his training at the Humane Society we went inside and he was done... This was happening... So at around 9:15, I held the freakishly strong little thing (barely) and he got a hold of the floss and then said to me.... "Now what do I do?  Okay, I can't do this you have too" and let go... REALLY!!!!  Dude we are on tooth #9 here, you can do ONE of them!! 
We switched places, I calmed her down again and then I just PULLED the floss like it was a snake and I needed it as far away from me as possible.... The funniest thing happened!!!  The tooth shot up into the air, bounced off the ceiling and fell on the floor behind me.... Ahhhh shoot, I hope I didn't loose the tooth!!!

I didn't loose it, but she did!!!  Finally, after over 3 hours....that wonderful "S" gap!  She is excited about her 1st day of thchool and 3rd grade.  She can't wait to say our neighbors name thara!  and the best part!!!!

She is not mad at me!!! 
I love her so!  But boy is that one stubborn little girl. 
And I have 7 1/2 hours or so of work accomplished... Now if those two baby bottom ones of Braxton's would get just a little looser we will have a whole new post series ahead of us... Give me a MONTH!!