Monday, December 5, 2011

Gone for Soooooo Long

I am blown away at how crazy and fast paced life can get.  I see that my last update was August 27th.  Over 3 months of going 90 to nothin.!!  So glad that things are slowing down some.

Currently I am working on some swags, AF ornaments and memorabilia and thought I would share! 

I decided to try my hand at the Cookie Sheet Magnet board
On this one. I used travel paper and bright colors.

The Magnets are the Days of the week and I used jumbo stones
that I got from Michaels with a 3/4"magnet on back.

Aleens tack glue on the magnet and clear glue on stone..

Our McConnells Officers Spouses Club is doing a fundraiser and we wanted ornaments that were specific to our base!  Here is the final product. 

 This one has the front of the McConnell Coin. Because it already said Kansas, I decided to add Team McConnell.  Wichita and a stamp that says Inspired by life is on the back... I thought "how fitting... this is inspired by life!"   The one to the right is my favorite and is the back of the coin.  I added the AF colors with ribbon and the sunflower for Kansas! 

 However this one is my favorite!!  I like the simplicity in it.  The AF Wings and 2011 is done with Shrinky Dinks.... Yes, my friends from the 80's they still make them and they are super versatile....  For instance... to your right are Air plane (or for the sake of McConnell KC 135's) blue and silver beads for AF and made from Shrinky Dinks... Love it.

The last ones I realized that not everyone put up a tree or wanted an "ornament" but these sunflower tins will work as a ornament, say Team McConnell have the plane and AF wings... but also have  3/4" magnets on back... It can be year round!!  The back is also stamped and it says Wichita KS.  I customize with their group or squadron, the year, a special something to remember their time here!!  (even thought there is plenty... like 27 degrees in Dec... yuck! just glad we got through late tornado season!)

My last little project is with the magnets and marbles!!! 

These are 1/2" magnets with the standard "non luster" clear glass marbles.   I used the EK Success border punch to punch the pictures that fit on the 1/2" magnet... (make sure to get the heavier magnet to support the weight of the marble)  and again to make the card to hold them.  I used clear duct tape on the back to keep them in place... I love this project.

Because I don't have marbles the right size for the 3/4" magnet and I didn't like the way it looked with the paper hanging over the stone... I just used my Modge Podge to put a coat on this.  I took my 3/4" single punch to make the card and Creative memories corner rounder to make it smooth. 

Well that is all I have for now!!!  See that is just one of the things that has kept me away from my blog!! 

If I get time I will do more Show and Tell tomorrow!

Until then... safe days, sleepy nights... sweet dreams.
Heather Mae