Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3 teeth and 14 days

What an interesting month August has turned into.  We have been working on the loose teeth most of the summer. And if you have read below you will see that we had a 2 1/2 gig on the 3rd.  Well this is a over view of my last 14 days!!

August 3rd (day 1).  This is the post from earlier!
I can't believe it took 2 1/2 hours and then the tooth just fell out on my foot.  She felt so silly and promised that it would never be that bad again.     Promises, Promises!!

  August 7th (day 5)
Here we decided to try corn and see if it will loosen up the remaining 3, yes I said 3 teeth!!

August 8th, (day 6)
I decided to try and get her to let me try and pull the other big tooth in the front! 
It took me 30 minutes to get the floss on the tooth, but then she just let me pull... Let's say it was not quite ready and it then took her 3 hours to forgive me for hurting her and the tooth stayed in place!!

However I noticed that the tooth beside it was SUPER Loose!!! 

August 9th (day 7)
She decided to let me put floss on the little tooth, but that was all she was going to do.
The sad thing is, if I didn't see the dates on the digital pictures, these days would just be a blur to me.

WE did NOT pull this day!  I worked on earning some trust!  And I was just not up for the fight!

August 12th (day 10)
It was time for the little tooth to the right of the stubborn big tooth to come out!

As you can see she is Billy Bobbing it really bad! 

So I told her it would be out in a snap!  I told her I called the dentist and to pull a tooth that was totally ready, without numbing it or gas or anything was $150.00.  And it is... But the nice lady at the dentist told me that she had her kids put on a little Orajell and wiggle during every commercial.  Great idea... need Orajell.  My wonderful neighbor with little ones saved the day20 minutes later!!!
That was so easy!  I was just sure we would not have a problem again!! 

August 14th (day 12)
I started warning her that we were going to pull that big Jack-o-lantern tooth before she entered 3rd grade!  She needed to start wiggling it.

August 15th (day 13)
Me and her dad sat her down and she started to freak out, crying, gagging from the Orajell, got a head ache and stomach ache, face all red.  Did NOT want to do this.... I knew I had one more night left, so after 1 hour of fuss, I made a pinkie promise that it would be done tomorrow, NO BACKING OUT!!!

AUGUST 16th (day 14)  D day!!!
I stared with her at 6:00 PM because I wanted to get it over with so they could have their baths, settle in and get ready for the 1st day of school tomorrow!!  Should have stared at 6:00AM if I had known what the night would bring!!!  We started out inside, after an hour we moved outside to make her feel more comfortable.

After another hour and 1/2 when her dad got home from his training at the Humane Society we went inside and he was done... This was happening... So at around 9:15, I held the freakishly strong little thing (barely) and he got a hold of the floss and then said to me.... "Now what do I do?  Okay, I can't do this you have too" and let go... REALLY!!!!  Dude we are on tooth #9 here, you can do ONE of them!! 
We switched places, I calmed her down again and then I just PULLED the floss like it was a snake and I needed it as far away from me as possible.... The funniest thing happened!!!  The tooth shot up into the air, bounced off the ceiling and fell on the floor behind me.... Ahhhh shoot, I hope I didn't loose the tooth!!!

I didn't loose it, but she did!!!  Finally, after over 3 hours....that wonderful "S" gap!  She is excited about her 1st day of thchool and 3rd grade.  She can't wait to say our neighbors name thara!  and the best part!!!!

She is not mad at me!!! 
I love her so!  But boy is that one stubborn little girl. 
And I have 7 1/2 hours or so of work accomplished... Now if those two baby bottom ones of Braxton's would get just a little looser we will have a whole new post series ahead of us... Give me a MONTH!!

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