Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thrifting in Kansas

So today Paige Alise and I were on a mission, with our driver Scott and  his rusty/hungry side kick Braxton to find a cheap old piece of furniture we could RESTYLE into a American Girl Closet with shoe and accessory storage.  The idea is there, the resources... well a little difficult to come across.  So we googled Thrift Stores in Wichita, KS.  Printed the list and took the day driving.  NO LUCK!  But we did find a few stores that were clean, well organized, and had some potential for a return visit, if they weren't so stinking far away from where we live!  These are moments that I really miss knowing my city.  On NW 17th and N Penn Ave. on the East side of the road is a pink run down scary looking building.  From the window, you see furniture stacked to the very tall ceiling.  And you wonder as you step out of your car if the trashy little junk stores to the right are going to rob your car while you are in shopping. DON'T WORRY!  The people are wonderful and once you get over yourself for a quick moment you walk into a hidden gem of unwanted old school furniture!!!  To some it is really junk.  To those of use that can see life in what others have discarded it is heaven.  I so wanted to stumble across BJ Furniture today... but no such luck.  However I have not given up hope.  And I truly look forward to sharing the experience with my lovely daughter. Here is an example of the project we are considering, but we would like it shorter.. We found it on

Here is a copy of what the Unwanted furniture looked like.
doll armoire - before

Here is a copy of the front when it was finished.
doll armoire

And this is the concept from the inside.  However I would use a dowel rod and hangers for the 18" American Girl and Our Generation Doll Clothes. 
doll armoire
Paige really likes the idea of the cute curtains to push open.  I won't put bowls in the bottom, but create a shoe storage.  Also I thought it would be neat to put something metal along the sides so you could use magnetic hooks or clips to hang hats/purses/glasses. 

So tell me what you think, or is you are from the Wichita area, where is the best place to find a 30" tall used piece of furniture we can RECYCLE and keep it cheap.

To another day of shopping and spending not a cent!!


  1. Love the repurposing idea to make the doll closet. Heather--you are so clever! Smiles,

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