Thursday, July 28, 2011

Everyone wants a LEGO room!!!

So, how do you keep all those pieces from being vaccummed up, stepped on, lost or used as a device to send an OCD mom to the brink of craziness???  By beating you kids into submission..... NAAA, that just plain crazy(ier) than I am!!  By seperating them from all other toys, into a closet that the door can be shut on linoleum so they can move them around easily and top it off with color coded organization... that's how.. So that is what I did.
Braxton and I sat down one day and broke all his LEGO's down into Categories by colors.  He helped, so He knew what went where.  We wrote the size (small or large) and the color in the color that was suppose to go in there.  He knows how to spell his colors, but this is a way to trigger his eyes!!  I used Clear Duct tape to put it on the drawer front.  In some there are more than one color and there is even one that is just for tiny peices of all colors.  There is even a drawer for the books that tell them how to put stuff together!

Now you ask, do they use the room!!!!

                                      YES THEY DO!! But do they put things back where they go...

 Here they are doing that... It turned into playing, but then that means HOURS of quiet time for mom... So often you will hear me say. "Is the LEGO room clean?  Do not come downstairs until that room is CLEANED the RIGHT WAY" and away they go to play, together!!  I love LEGO's and I embrace being CRAZYish!!

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