Sunday, July 24, 2011

All Star Sports with Girl Scouts

Wow what a night we had.  5 of the girls in our Brownies troop showed up this evening to hang out and have some fun at the All Star Park.  We started at 7:00 hoping that the sun going down would lessen the 109 degrees that it read on our car thermostat.  Fortunately after being there for 30 minutes it felt like a storm was coming up in the West.  We got a cool breeze, but no rain, so the night went on. 

We started on the Tilt-a-Whirl... I loved that ride at a kid. Then I soon realized, I didn't love it so much as an adult.  Wow, it really did spin around fast... I just closed my eyes. I will be fine.  Praise the Lord it is over.  Then we try another ride, I don't recall the name, but you sit back in a covered seat and it slowly goes around like a ferris wheel but a little different.... WHOA! More than a little different, that sucker picked up and was flying like a jet airplane put on a spin cycle.  Let's just say after  a couple minutes I just closed my eyes and swallowed hard knowing that if I threw up on Paige Alise's friends I would never hear the end of it.  I swear we were up there spinning in circles for half an hour!! Okay, it might have been 7 minutes, but I will not make that mistake again. Let's leave the circles for the young kids!!

Luckily after that we did bumper boats and go carts and the kids did the slide.  They had a great time, got to know each other better and made lasting memories. 

We do have 4 Goupons to do it again, but we will try out the one on the West side of town.  I hear they have more inside activities, like a rock climbing wall inside.  I also wanted to play some miniature golf, but the course was crazy busy and Scott's foot was tender from wearing his "boot" so we called it a night, went by QT for a milk shake and water and came home.  We watched How to Train Your Dragon (awesome movie if you ask me!!), Brax fell asleep and told me he needed someone to carry him to bed because his legs were cold and sleepy.  Scott said he told him at the theme park he needed someone to carry him to the car because his legs were bored... What... So I took it one step at a time, carried him up 13 steps... all 48lbs and put him to bed. 

On that note, it is good night to all and I check my email, update my blog and get use to this new habit!  Let's see what I do tomorrow that might interest you???

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