Sunday, July 31, 2011

Doll Closet Project has commenced......

As you know I posted a few pictures last week of a dresser that has been converted into a Doll Closet and now Paige Alise and I are going to take on this project.  We spent all of last Saturday driving all over Wichita trying to find a good used furniture/thrift store to get a cheap beat up dresser, you know the kind you would have better luck finding by a dumpster, only to go to our base thrift store on Friday to discount this month's expiring items to find, that my neighbor down the street that moved out on Wed, took exactly what we needed to the our thrift store to consign for $10.00.  BEAUTIFUL price.  Their was some water damage, drawer bottoms had been replaced with wood, but still rolled in and out great, top warped... See!
And here is why we are doing it!!  Kit; An American Girl and her friends Mia and Molly as well as baby Lucy and her new Bitty Baby Alise.

Then I took out the drawers, measured how far her longest dress would be and decided the bottom drawer needed to be cut in half.  No problem we have an AMAZING wood shop on base and Scott and I can do that together... We did Sat AM, working together is always fun.  Anyway, Paige Alise and I went to Tuesday Morning to find scrapbook paper in bulk so we could Decoupage her dresser, but instead she found the loudest, make me think of the 1970's with a 2011 flair wrapping paper to go on the outside and a complementary color to go inside.  WAY cheaper!

So far, I have rebuilt the drawer, covered it with the patterned paper, covered the bottom part that is shaped (not super easy, but treated it like I was sewing and did notched and clipping) and made a shelf for the bottom so the drawer would be separate.  Here is our progress as of tonight, we ran out of Decoupage.
Paige tore up the complementary paper into smaller pieces.  I thought that would be an easier way for a 1st time decoupager to learn.  With some assistance, she completed this whole blue side. (I just made sure edges overlapped and lines were straight)

She also reminded me she had a neat big pull handle that had the letter "P" on it and wanted to use that on the drawer where there already whole for the decorative piece we are NOT putting back on...
So that is where we stopped tonight.  Tomorrow, we will go to Daddy's work so I can do more exciting organizing and filing and then out to Michaels with my 40% off coupon to get more Decoupage.  Hopefully we can get it completed tomorrow and moved up to her room.  She got the 7 1/2" doll hangers today in the mail and is just dying to get her clothes hung up.

I can't wait for it to be finished.  For some of you the paper choice might be a bit busy!  But she just loved it.  She loves COLOR and I love watching her plan. So this is a fun project... Updates to come......

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