Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am a real woman!

You know how you see TV shows about being a mom, and everything else that is expected of you. It isn't as bad today as it was in years past, because I think REAL women/mom's got tired of a life style that truly cannot be achieved. 

Let me tell you a little about myself...
1.  I yell at my kids!  In discipline but also in LOVE.
2.  I tell my kids I love them at LEAST 20 times a day, because I can and because I want it to stick.
3.  I don't tell them they are perfect, or that I am perfect... we both have a long way to go.
4.  I don't wear pearls, heals or an apron.
5.  I can't resolve all of life's issues in 30 mins. to an hour!  (I don't even try)
6.  I too have a life of my own, it does not revolve around my children... it includes them.
7.  I expect as my kids age for them to start taking more responsibilities around the house... I AM NOT A MAID, nor do I want to be treated as one... You live here, you contribute to the home... husband included.
8.  I am not afraid if someone thinks I am a bad parent.  My job is to bring up two well round, well adjusted kids that can take care of themselves... not write a book or make a name for myself.  I only care what the end result will be on what Paige Alise and Braxton think of me and I see that reflected in them everyday.
9.  I am not the perfect wife, but I am in it for the long haul.  So I expect good and bad days, but I tell him everyday too, that I love him... because he deserves to know.
10. I fart, so deal with it... We all let air blow!  YOU TOO!!

So thanks for letting me rant... I could go on for hours, but I have two little slaves that are finally picking up the game I shouldn't have had to tell them to pick up, as well as make the bed I shouldn't have had to tell them to make.  Don't forget the bathroom I shouldn't have had to tell her to clean and the trash I shouldn't have had to tell him to gather up... For now the house is quiet.... And it will stay that way, because the Electronics have been sacrificed today with all our "shouldn't have had too's" and Momma, can enjoy herself...
Now to the kitchen, that I don't have to be told to clean.... to clean!!

Enjoy your Wednesday.

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