Monday, January 16, 2012

Theme Birthdays!

Okay, I know I said that after my kids turned 5 that I would no longer do a "themed" birthday party.  But as I see their interest grow and see everything that is out there for them I just can't help it. On that note Braxton is turning 7 and he is really into

So, In my spare time.... LOL, really I don't have any of that, so what I really mean is.... I though this was important enough to set other things aside and make it a memory for him AT THE LAST MINUTE.  He may not appreciate it now, but when he looks back, I hope he will draw up some of these memories.  Plus he helped me make the cakes!!

First I  scrambled for an invite for a couple friends.

(downloaded FREE digital Star Wars kit from Kinleys Scraps)
Now here is his cake!  (downloaded from the brain of out!)  He is all about the Dark Side.  So we found this great Darth Vader candle holder and I wanted to try and make it looks like he was on the platform fighting Luke!  After I finished Scott told me that the glow from that area was RED, so you will need to use your imagination!

And it goes around!!
And around!!
And Around!!
Brax May the Force be with you!!

Then I flash back to a moment when he told me he had Jacob's R5D4 and we had to look everywhere before Christmas to find one because out of the blue he wanted on.  So I asked him what sounds did R5D4 and R2D2 make... I only wish you could have heard what I did!!!  But with closed mouth and BIG BIG EYES... is was like Meeep Mooop Meop Be Bot.... Or something like that and I just fell even more in love with that blue eyes blond haired angel. So in honor of a memory and sound I will never forget... The guests at his part get their very own R2D2!!

Close up you ask... Sure!

And yes that is a red gumball ! 
They are not even close to professionally made, but they are made with love.

So May the Force be with YOU!  And have a wonderful day... Now I am going to go get my Laser Tag on and show some 6/7 year olds how it is done!!

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